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About Us & Our Mission

Studio City Sports is a local Youth & High school sports photography company located in Jacksonville.

With the covid-19 situation we, like all other photography businesses all across the country, are completely shut down as schools are closed and sports suspended.  We have been watching as everything unfolded with the school closures and noticed that across the country there was a growing trend for these special "Senior Yard Signs".

We decided to jump in and use our resources to help provide these to the Jacksonville & surrounding area seniors.  By purchasing a sign from Studio City Sports you are not just buying a sign for your amazing graduating senior, you are also helping multiple people in our business working through these unprecedented times.  We would like to thank the many people who have already purchased signs and thank you to the many in the future! 

We know that this will pass and we hope to get back to doing what we love....Taking awesome photos for youth leagues & high school sports for the youth in Jacksonville!

~The Studio City Sports Staff


We will ship these items directly to your house for FREE!  Please allow 7-10 Business Days from when you order them for the signs to arrive.  Keep in mind these are going into production as you order them.  There is about a 24-48 Hour Production time and then they ship!

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If you are submitting images for your products please read this!

If you are submitting an image for your product please do not use images that you do not own the rights to.  

Studio City Sports claims no responsibility if images submitted are found to violate this policy.  When you place your order you are agreeing to these terms and take full responsibility for the use of the images submitted.  If you are not sure if you can use your image or not and did not originally take your image or it was taken by another photography company other than Studio City or Studio City sports please contact your photographer to get permission to use the image.  We do not require that you submit the copyright release to us as you are admitting you have the rights when you place your order, however you will need it if the photographer in question contacts you about your sign. 

If you submit a photo with any copyright or "Proof" marks on your order we will automatically reject and cancel your order so please do not submit orders with these marks on them.